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And find out how your chamber can use IT to improve security, stability and productivity

The legal landscape is changing. Join Doherty Associates at the Gherkin on July 7th to find out how your chambers or law firms can succeed in this new environment - without putting security and compliance at risk.

Improving IT security and productivity for barristers' chambers and law firms
Presentation by Terry Doherty; guest speaker to be announced
The Gherkin, Friday July 7th
08:30 Breakfast, 09:00 Presentation, 11:00 Finish

According to 2016 research from PwC, one of the top priorities of UK law firms is to expand their use of digital technologies to drive better client experiences, as well as improve their efficiency, productivity, and marketing and branding.

At the same time, firms are under pressure to ensure security, compliance and client confidentiality aren't undermined by new technology - and that their ability to deliver isn't affected by unplanned downtime.

So how can barristers' chambers succeed in this new environment? Join us at our event on July 7th to find out:

  • The biggest risks and opportunities for barristers presented by IT today
  • How leading chambers have successfully transformed the way they use IT
  • How your firm can make the first step to more effective use of IT

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